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Production steps of Paper Tube Machine

Author:ruian dragon machinery factory | Date:2017-5-23 11:51:21 | Visits:

Production steps of Paper Tube Machine

next, we introduce how to produce the paper tubes on our paper tube machine. there are total 20 steps. this time we just introduce five steps.

1. Re-confirm whether the mould, mould head, and belt width conform to the specifications of the paper tubes to be produced.

2. For NC paper tube machine, properly input the required specification parameters into the relevant functions and confirm whether they are properly input (refer to operationmanual for display screen on how to input).

3. Pressmanual glue feeding and fill each glue basinwith glue.

4. Properly adjust the angle of the overall roll stand and the mould.

5. First deliver the innermost layer of paper through the single-layer roll guide and wind from below onto the mould and then feed it into the belt (for JY-50 paper tube machine example, paper is arranged on the same side), and then fill the inner paper with lubricating oil or grease.