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Troubleshooting and Maintenance for paper tube machine

Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2017-4-7 11:50:10 | Visits:

Troubleshooting and Maintenance for paper tube machine

A. Dust Removal 

1. Before and after operation of the paper tube machine every day, the operator shall be check whether the equipment runs normally or not, whether the supporting safety devices are complete and whether the pipelines are damaged.

2. Frequently clean the paper tube machine components and fill and replace oil promptly to ensure smooth and flexible the paper tube machine's operation. 

3. Regularly fasten screws and nuts.

4. Properly do daily cleaning 

 B  Regular Lubrication 

 Daily maintenance and lubrication shall be properly ensured for paper tube machine and refer to the filling positions for lubrication. The gear oil for reducer and gearbox shall be replaced once every 5000 working hours.