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Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2022-12-14 13:25:13 | Visits:


if you want to produce paper lint rolls, you should need paper tubes, glassic silicon 

paper and hot melt adhesive, first, paper tubes, size of paper tubes as below: inner 

diameter 38mm, thicknesd 1.5mm, length 4-5 meters, like below photo.

if you can buy the paper tubes with the above size, it is ok, if you can not, we suggest 

our paper tube machine HS50. the raw material for paper tube machines as below:PVA paper tube adhesive, 85-150gsm krfat paper roll with width 70mm, 250-600gsm bobbin paper rolls with width 68-69mm.diameter for rolls 700mm, like the below photo

if you can buy this paper rolls, it is ok then.if you can not buy it, you should need one 

extra paper slitter rewinder machine, SA1600, for detail, you can contact me.

then you can just buy the jumbo paper rolls width 1600mm and diameter 1500mm.

ok, let me talk glassic silicon paper and hotmelt adhesive

if you can buy the above coated slitted glassic paper rolls, it is ok then.

if you can not buy it, you need one coating machine to coat the paper and slit the paper 

roll well.

TJ1100 hot melt coating machine can be coat the paper and slit the paper well,the below 

is the photo of this coating machine.

this hot melt coating machine need glassic paper jumbo roll and hot melt adhesive.

then one full line production for paper lint rolls need at least five machines:paper lint 

roll making machine(there are 60 layers and 30 layers),paper tube cutting machine,paper 

slitter rewinder machine,hotmelt coating machine and paper tube making machine.

if you are interested the full line for paper lint rolls, please contact me. we are professional manufacturer for paper lint rolls machine.