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spiral type automatic clearing paper lint roll making machine

Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2022-8-26 10:23:08 | Visits:

our factory can produce the spiral type clearing paper lint roll making machine.This 

machine is used to produce lint roller, cleaning roller with spiral sheet. The material 

is paper which is coated special adhesive for cleaning out dust dirt.

we can produce 30 layers, 60 layers and even 90 layers clearing paper lint roll making 

machine. before our this paper lint roll making machine and paper tube cutting machine is 

independent and can not connect. but recently we improve the machine and let the paper 

tube cutting machine can be connect with our paper clearing lint  roll making machine. 

this paper tube cutting machine is two shaft and Load and unload paper pipes 


regarding the detail, you can watch the video youtube link


or contact us by whatsapp:008613967712353

after connect with tube cutting machine, it can be improve the working effience too much.