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Multi Knife Paper Tube Machine

JS-PTE2-120M Automatic Spiral Type Paper Tube Machine with Multi Knife in line



Function For JS-PTE2-120M Automatic Sprial Type Paper Tube Machine with multi knife in line: 

"E" series of paper tube machine ,designing idea simple,compact,stable. 

Normally for making paper tube 3inch(ID76.2MM), Max wall thickness under 8MM, biggest tube ID can up to 120MM.

Mainly used for making small size and short tube, can cut into many sections at a time.


USE: composite packaging paper can ,small packaging material winding core,office use paper core. Model can make spiral paper tube with gluing ,winding, cutting together on.


1. With multi blade cutting system, can cutting into final length ,no need to re cut. 

2. Main structure made by thicker steels which are finished by processing of re-cutting and welding, make machine much more stable and strong. 

3. Main transmission adopt gear reducer , low-noise, low-heating, high revolution, high torque. 

4. Main motor adopt Vectorial high torque inverter speed adjusting. 

5. Equipped with hydraulic device to adjust belt tension, with belt tension sensor and belt angle sensor, both can be adjusted automatically. 

6. Equipped with synchronous cutting system, cutting table adopt high precision ball screw and high performance server motor drive. 

7. Equipped pulse length fixation control, cooperated with front feedback compensation function 

8.Adopt double PLC control system, IO output control and functional operation separate control , to increase cutting reaction speed, with better cutting accuracy.

9.With new control panel and big size colorful main machine touching interface . 

10.With multi functional bottom paper feeding device, will stop once paper break.

11.With integral paper reel stand, glue stand, paper feeding assembly, all are electrical control. 

12.Design of modularization electric layout makes use,maintaining and repairing more convenient and scientific. 

13.With mould assistant installing device


Number of layer3-16 layers





Mandrel fixing wayFlange & tightening

Rewind noseTwo noses one belt

Cutting wayPneumatic cutter,5 blades Auto

Gluing way Single side/ double side

Fixing length wayEncoder 

Operator 1-2person

Production speed3-20M/Min

Speed control Inverter 

Input powerCustom

                Size (mm)


Area:L*W          16000mm*7000mm

Wheel hub diameter 215mm

Wheel hub height400mm

Min tread750mm

Max tread950mm

Total weight4200kgs

                 Drive system

Mainframe power7.5KW WANNAN

Max rotating speed of wheel hub47r/min

Wheel hub output torque1360N.m

Chain type12A*2

Wheel hub type2 wheels


                  Control system 

PLC controllerDelta

Man machine interfaceWeinview 6070T colorful touching screen

Program editionJS-PTM4.2

Inverter DELTA 7.5KW


Signal componentYASKAWA

Pneumatic componentAIRTAC

Angle adjusting motorJIACHENG

Synchronism controlAxis Servo Screw

Synchronism track cutting systemServo Tracking System Synchronous

              Outfit assemble 

Remote controlHave 

Auto falling tube holderHave 

Belt angleElectrical 

Belt adjustHydraulic 

Angle of main motorHave 

Stop when paper run outBottom ply stop automatically

Auto glue givingScrew pump 1.5KW

Auto lubrication givingAuto 

Tension adjustCan choose

Type of paper standIntegral

BeltSailcloth /chip baseband

Aluminum foil Heat treating device:Can choose

color  color  code fixing deviceCan choose

               Enclosed component

Air compressorCan choose

Useful tool1 SET

Belt 1 SET

Mandrel 1Piece