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Author:RUIAN DRAGON MACHINERY FACTORY | Date:2016-11-1 11:11:52 | Visits:


Q1: Whats the lenght  in the multicut machine, between the first knife and las knife, I mean, if I cut tubes 80mm long, how many tubes a will get in each simultaneous cut and how many blades can be add or whats de limited of blades that can be use at the same time

A1: for our multi blades paper tube machine with model MC100,the standard quantity for blades is 4 pcs. the maximum quantity for blades which we produced before is 15 pcs blades, the maximum quantity which can cut one time is 14pcs small paper tubes, the standard length of shaft which for multi blades is 1.5 meters, we also can produce it more longer or more shorter according to buyer's requirement.

Q2: The multicut sistem how far has to be from the winding paper tube, it comes all in one piece? or it comes split

A2:our multi blades paper tube machine with model MC100,the multicut system and winding paper tube system is one whole part, but also can be split, normally we acquiescence both part is one whole part.  the maximum speed to produce the tubes is fast, if produce the thin paper tubes, the minimum speed is 30 meters per minute.

Q3: to produce and cut 60m/min. whats the specifications in the tube. I mean lenght, inner diameter and wall thickness

I know Wall thickness is 5 mm max but what are the consequences if I use the machine ta make and cut something thicker like 6.5 mm, what are the consequences . Thanks

A3:  if produce 6.5mm thickness paper tubes, the motor and cylinder can not bear it and easy to be damaged. so we suggest that it is better to produce the paper tube with 5mm or smaller 5mm thickness. OR we specially to produce one machine with large power motor and cylinder, certainly the cost will be higher.

our multi blades paper tube machine MC100,the maximum speed 60 meter per minute is not the stable produce speed. the inner diameter 45mm, the thickness about 1mm,the stable produce speed is 40 meter per minute. the maximum speed can be up to 60 meter per minute but not stable. if you want to get the stable fast speed 60 meter per minute, it depend on the paper and glue,only the good paper and good glue, the machine can be up to 60 meter per minute. 

but for 40 meter per minute, it has no requirement for paper and glue

Q4: If I make the order of this system whats the guarantee that i will get all that you say.

A4:the guarantee time of multi blades paper tube machine is one year, and we also can supply you the spare parts quantity for using at least one year. afer one year, we also can supply you technical support, but if you need spart parts also,then should buy extra.