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best wish for 2013 year

Author: | Date:2015-12-26 11:27:12 | Visits:

in the past 2012 year, the line of paper core machine is not very good. certianly it relates to the big economical enviroment.

but when the time arrived at the end of 2012 year, the economical become better and better,there are many lines about the paper cores, such as fax paper,fireworks,labels become better, the quantity of paper cores they need is big, then there are many customer has the need to purchase the paper core machine.the line of paper core machine become better and better.

there are some professional people estimate that the enviroment of 2013 year will become better than 2012, I am confidence that our paper core machine line will better than 2012 year.sure our factory people and me will try our best to satisfy the customer of paper core machine

give best wish for 2013 year,give best wish for paper core machine line